Beaches Answers the Question – What is Transitional Living?

What is transitional living? These 2 people love it.The scariest day of recovery is the day a patient leaves treatment. After a month or more in a rehab facility, graduation day is the day they find out if it’s really time to leave the nest. With that said, there are some alternatives worth considering. Transitional living has always been very popular within the rehab community. What is transitional living? Well, let’s take a look.

What is Transitional Living?

After rehab, some patients still need time to adjust to life without drugs and/or alcohol. A transitional home gives them the opportunity to slowly wean themselves from the restrictive nature of a rehab center. The primary benefit of transitional or sober living is that it allows residents to begin taking on responsibilities while still under the wings of someone with authority.

Most transitional home leaders are addiction counselors or people with a significant amount of time in recovery. They are responsible for monitoring other residents and assigning chores and living quarters. Each resident is held accountable for their actions, which includes submitting to drug testing. Expulsion is generally the penalty for any violation of the house rules.

Initially, the rules may dictate that residents be confined to the home. Over time, they can earn the opportunity to start working and interacting with people on the outside. Responsible behavior prescribes the extent of the freedom rewarded. What is transitional living? The next step in recovery.

How Transitional Living Prepares You for the Real World

As mentioned above, it can be quite unnerving to leave rehab and have to face the world without drugs and/or alcohol. We have answered the question what is transitional living, but what comes next?

During their stint in a transitional environment, residents must be planning for the future. In many cases, they have to think about returning to work and mending damaged relationships. In some cases, they face the prospects of eliminating their old drug companions from their lives. That can be a daunting task if those are the only friends they have on the outside. Still, they can’t afford undue influences disrupting their recovery.

Beaches Recovery and Transitional Living

As part of our comprehensive list of addiction treatment services, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, provides many custom options. This includes giving patients access to transitional living options upon discharge. From a treatment perspective, here’s a list of custom treatment options we provide to patients:

If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, you need to know there’s a better way of living. The first step in recovery is admitting defeat. The next step is picking up the phone and calling Beaches Recovery at 866-274-9281. From detox all the way through transitional living, we will do everything in our power to help you recover from the most insidious disease known to mankind.

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