Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal?

After Quitting He asks, Can You Die from Heroin WithdrawalMany people fear going to detox to start recovery from heroin addiction. But the truth is that detox does not have to be frightening or as uncomfortable as seen in movies or on TV. The key to an easier detox lies in entering a quality detox program. Still, can you die from heroin withdrawal?

What is Heroin Withdrawal and Why is It Needed?

Heroin withdrawal is what happens when you quit using heroin, if you are addicted to the drug. Withdrawal is a group of health effects caused by suddenly not having the drug in your body. Your body has grown used to heroin and learned to use it in daily functioning. During detox and withdrawal, your body has to go back to operating without heroin.

You’ve probably heard people using the phrase, “shock to the system.” Heroin detox is like a shock to your system. Withdrawal symptoms are the effects of that shock.

Withdrawal symptoms begin about six to 12 hours after you stop using heroin. These side effects are worst at about day one or two after quitting. These ill effects only last about a week. But some of the less sickening effects can last several weeks. These are managed through heroin addiction rehab and therapies.

Can You Die from Heroin Withdrawal?

It is very rare that someone dies from heroin withdrawal. That is the short answer to can you die from heroin withdrawal.

When someone dies from heroin withdrawal, their death is usually because of a seizure or breathing problems. If you are used to taking a high dose of heroin, you may be at greater risk for seizures during detox. Seizures can be deadly if the patient suffers breathing problems as a side effect of the seizures.

Such risks are why you should go through detox under medical supervision. Trained medical personnel can keep you safe during heroin detox and also watch for other side effects that can be deadly. Some of those potentially deadly side effects include vomiting into the airway, suicide due to mental illness or severe dehydration.

Trained addiction specialists and medical staff keep patients comfortable, calm and safe during detox. Patients are kept well-nourished and hydrated, with some symptoms relieved through medications.

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