Can You Get Mental Disorders from Drug Use?

Disorders from drug use clearly show on this guys face.

When it comes to substance abuse, it not uncommon for addiction to coincide with mental disorders. In fact, mental disorders and addiction have much in common with the “chicken or the egg dilemma.” In other words, what’s the order of connection? Mental health disorders from drug use or use drugs to medicate mental disorders?

In fact, both scenarios are incredibly common. With that said, this area is still worth examining when it comes to addiction therapy and treatment.

Why Do Mental Health Disorders from Drug Use Arise?

Let’s first discuss why mental health disorders from drug use often occur. In many cases, a full-blown mental health disorder does not occur because of substance abuse. However, it is very common for users to experience mental health symptoms such as anxiety.

For example, some marijuana users may have an increased risk of psychosis. Those who struggle with opiate abuse may also end up struggling with depression.

These connections have much to do with how specific substances affect brain pathways and receptors. It is not uncommon for certain drugs to have shared pathways with mental health conditions. Anti-depressants, for example, directly affect dopamine pathways, which are also implicated in chronic depression.

Why Does Drug Use Rise from Mental Health Disorders?

Here’s a look at the opposite effect.

Even though mental disorders from drug use are common and explainable on some levels, it may be easier to understand why substance abuse issues often arise after mental health disorders. Generally speaking, the problem is “self-medication.”

Self-medicating is the act of treating a health condition by yourself as opposed to seeking professional help. In some cases, self-medication is perfectly fine. For example, most people take ibuprofen when they have a headache. If they tend to feel tired throughout the day, they may self-medicate with vitamin C or B-12 dietary supplements.

Self-medication has a dark side, as well. Often, those who are struggling with a mental health or mood disorder don’t even realize it. The symptoms of their disorder plague them but they don’t know how to react. In many cases, this is when they turn to drugs to self-medicate. Various drugs can offer sedation and help them forget their worries and any troubling emotions and feelings that their mental health condition may have brought about.

Beaches Recovery Can Help

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