Wasn’t My “Rock Bottom” Low Enough For You?

One of the things that made me uncomfortable during the AA meetings I attended was the level of competition between attendees. Whose story was the worst, the most gory? Who spent the most time in jail, got the worst injury, or lost the most support from family and friends? I never lost my family or […]

Gabor Maté Responds to Trump’s Opioid Crisis Declaration

The current opioid crisis is the deadliest in U.S. history, with President Trump officially declaring it a national emergency just a few weeks ago. In response to the President, physician and author, Dr. Gabor Maté, discusses this lethal trend and advocates for the reform of current substance abuse treatment methods. A New Perspective on an […]

5 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Overcome Addiction

Sometimes, the right words can supply us with the inspiration and strength we desperately need. And let’s be honest, inspiration and strength are two vital ingredients for anyone who’s considering sobriety. On a personal level, I know inspirational quotes and phrases have given me strength in the past – especially when I was at my […]

Why Would I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Alcoholics are notorious for using denial as a shield behind which they can hide. They don’t have a problem or they don’t need help is their favorite mantra. The problem with denial is it prevents people from getting the help they need. If this sounds at all familiar to you, you might want to contemplate…

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