It’s no question that an addiction is one of those most difficult things a person can endure. As with many of life’s challenges, the ability to overcome an addiction heavily depends on a person’s dedication and perseverance. No two recovery paths are the same, which means that some people encounter different challenges than others. […]

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  Attending a support group, keeping up with therapy appointments and adopting healthy habits are all par for the course when it comes to maintaining a sober lifestyle. If you’re like many others who’ve emerged from rehab in the last few months, you know how necessary it is to avoid triggers that could send you […]

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  For many people, a substance addiction was an intruder that encroached onto every aspect of their lives. Those who’ve successfully recovered from an addiction worked hard to understand what led them to substance abuse, and how they could keep the addiction from invading their lives again. Sadly, there are several myths and misconceptions that […]

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10 Signs of a Great Drug Rehab

Going into a rehab center can be an extremely stressful process. The last thing anyone wants is someone to seek out help and enter into a sub par treatment facility. Going into a facility that doesn’t meet certain levels of…

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