Different Recovery Programs Work for Different People

For years, drug and alcohol rehab centers used generic inpatient and outpatient treatment modalities. As long as things seem to be working, no one wanted to make changes. Unfortunately, high relapse rates forced rehabs to start considering other options. This resulted in the development of more recovery programs geared towards the individual. That’s good news for anyone who suffers from an addiction.

Using Different Recovery Programs

Recovery programs usually include group support.Many of today’s top drug and alcohol rehab centers use a variety of recovery programs. This allows counselors and clinicians to have plenty of options to use when trying to determine the right treatment approach for each patient. Along with this operational change, these same rehab centers began putting more emphasis on gathering information during a patient’s initial interview.

The gathering of this information now plays a major role in the treatment process. Counselors spend a lot more time addressing each patient’s addiction issues as well as their lifestyle. The combination of these two factors creates the criteria needed to determine which treatment method will best suit the patient’s needs.

Here’s an example. Patient X has an addiction to cocaine. He or she wants to get treatment, but can’t afford to miss time from work. Armed with this information, a counselor would most likely choose to place patient X in an intensive outpatient program. This would allow the patient to keep working while also working on their addiction recovery. If work wasn’t an issue, the counselor might place this same patient in a partial hospitalization program or inpatient program. This kind of flexibility makes a difference.

The Benefits of Flexible Recovery Programs

While individualized recovery plans make counselors more effective, the real benefits go to the patients. With counselors placing more thought on finding the right treatment plan, patients get the benefit of effective treatment. That means very little wasted time and effort. It also helps patients feel more relaxed, knowing the counselor designed their treatment plan around their specific needs and input.

Perhaps the greatest benefit comes in the form of more people being willing to get treatment. Knowing there’s a certain amount of leeway given in the way treatment counselors administer treatment gives prospective patients fewer reasons to avoid the process.

Individualized Care at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery sits in Jacksonville, Florida. Our facility’s mission is to offer each patient individualized care. This approach has allowed us to become one of the top treatment facilities in Florida. Our treatment options include:

When you grow tired of fighting the cycle of addiction, there’s help waiting here for you at Beaches Recovery. Our counselors would be glad to design a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. For your part, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at 866-605-0532.

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