Drug Addiction Treatment is Not Just About Quitting Drugs

This woman looking out the window decides she is quitting drugs for good.Would it surprise you to realize that quitting drugs requires a lifelong commitment for someone who has an addiction? In fact, addiction sufferers in recovery have to wake up each and every morning, knowing they have to fight the good fight one more time. If they have gotten the proper coping skills from drug addiction treatment, it’s a fight they can win “one day at a time.”

The First Step in Recovery is Getting Drug Addiction Treatment

Though many other options have been touted, the only true and reliable path to quitting drugs is through drug addiction treatment provided by a viable treatment facility. It takes hard work and lots of counseling to weed through a maze of issues and come to an understanding about why an addiction has occurred.

Once the stars have aligned and the issues have been identified, then and only then can the work begin to develop the aforementioned coping skills. Without these skills, it’s quite possible that a patient will suffer a relapse. At Beaches Recovery addiction treatment center, we focus on the whys of addiction. We work through therapy and prevention in groups and individual sessions.

Drug Addiction Treatment Lasts a Lifetime

When a patient walks out the doors of our facility, after quitting drugs, we believe they will find themselves on firm ground. During the therapy process, we take great care to teach our patients they can never let their guard down. The addiction still lives within them, even if it isn’t active. That is why we believe that drug addiction treatment in not just about quitting drugs.

It’s also about learning that addiction recovery is a way of life. We look at success based on the patient’s ability to avoid triggers and deal with the trials and tribulations of life. All of this needs to be done without stirring the desire to swallow a pill or pick up a syringe or drink. It’s not just about quitting. It’s also about never using again.

How Beaches Recovery Makes Quitting Drugs Happen

Beaches Recovery is a premier rehab facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our facility’s services orientation focuses on the goal of setting our patients firmly on the road to recovery.

With 30-beds, our patients receive tailored treatment in an intimate setting with services being provided by professional counselors and clinicians. For the benefit of so many unique individuals, we provide the following array of treatment modalities:

  • Partial hospitalization followed by intensive outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient care – primary and extended care
  • Traditional outpatient
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment
  • Family counseling and treatment
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Access to transitional and sober living

You are ready to turn the tide and fight back against your drug addiction. Beaches Recovery is a great place to begin. By simply calling us at 866-605-0532, we will be ready to help you fight the good fight. At the end of the day, recovery and a better way of living can be yours.

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