Explanation of Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

Partial hospitalization treatment is designed for clients who definitely need drug or alcohol addiction treatment but do not need around-the-clock medical assistance and supervision.

For many clients, this is the ideal form of treatment service. Generally speaking, clients will live at home and only attend treatment at their facility once a day. Depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction and several other issues, there are varying levels of care available to clients.

When Is Partial Hospitalization Required?

There are numerous reasons why an individual may require a PHP. First, many individuals do not have addictions severe enough to warrant full-time supervision and care. Partial hospitalization allows clients to live at home for the rest of the time, which can often save them money.

Furthermore, many individuals want to continue living a normal life while they attend treatment for addiction. Again, this depends on the severity of the individual’s struggles. Those who have serious addictions that have lasted for years or even decades and those who are also struggling with a co-occurring mental illness or mood disorder may require full-time inpatient treatment. In this case, they’ll need to move permanently on campus for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for clients to need to continue attending school, working at their job, or taking care of their family. These individuals will benefit from the ability to stay at home, but they also need treatment on a regular basis in order to fully recover from their addictions.

Partial Hospitalization at Beaches Recovery

The partial hospitalization program at Beaches Recovery has been extremely successful for the patients who meet the program requirements. At Beaches Recovery, we want every one of our clients to feel that they are getting personalized treatment, and we do our utmost to make sure of this.

All of our patients will benefit from the numerous types of evidence-based therapy programs that we offer. Some of our most successful of these include cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT and dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT. Therapy sessions at our facilities are one-on-one as well as group-based. Both of these formats offer unique benefits. We also offer family therapy to the families of our clients who may need family relationship healing.

In addition to our detox program, we offer numerous types of recovery therapies. We also have a number of other amenities and services to enhance our clients’ experiences. These services include the following:

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If you think that partial hospitalization could benefit you or your loved one, call Beaches Recovery at 866-605-0532. We can help you find the perfect program for you. Your journey to recovery starts as soon as today.

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