How to Deal with Depression and Substance Abuse

Sad young woman will learn how to deal with depression during addiction recovery.Knowing how to deal with depression when you have a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. For most people who struggle with depression, drugs or alcohol became the only way for them to deal with this feeling of loneliness and sadness. When symptoms of depression first arise, it can be confusing and scary. Many people don’t know the proper ways to deal with the symptoms. Eventually, having a drink or a drug when depression hits turns into something that the mind and body rely on. However, the problem is that this can sink a person further into their depression.

Not Knowing How to Deal with Depression Leads to Addiction

For most people, symptoms of mental illness arise between the ages of 12 and 24. These symptoms can also come later in life. Unfortunately, middle school and high school classes don’t teach students how to deal with depression. That means, we still live in a society where mental illness is misunderstood. No matter what your age depression can make you feel as though something is wrong with you. Not only do friends, family and coworkers ask you why you can’t just “cheer up,” but you don’t understand how everyone else can seem so happy while you feel so sad. One of the primary reasons people turn to drugs or alcohol is to get a feeling of pleasure and relief. This can turn into self-medication on a regular basis.

Substance Abuse can Cause Depression

There are also those who have developed symptoms of depression strictly due to their substance abuse. Mind-altering substances like drugs and alcohol alter brain chemistry. This can create symptoms of depression. It’s quite common for someone with a drug problem to see a doctor or therapist for symptoms of depression, but they aren’t getting better because he or she continues to abuse drugs or alcohol and not seek substance abuse counseling. Without abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and the receiving the correct therapy and medications for depression, little relief will be attained. In some cases, the mixture of drugs or alcohol with antidepressants can increase depression and may also be a dangerous combination.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you’re struggling with an addiction as well as symptoms of depression, you need to go to a facility that specializes in treating people with a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis means you have a mental illness as well as a substance abuse problem, and both must be treated separately. Beaches Recovery is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and we’re fully accredited to treat your mental illness as well as your addiction through evidence-based therapy. Call us at 866-605-0532 to learn about relief for your depression and addiction.

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