How to Stop Addiction

 Women's group discussing how to stop addictionA substance abuse problem can happen at any age. Teens or seniors, young adults or middle-aged empty nesters, anyone may suffer from addiction. That said, anyone can also learn how to stop addiction. Do you know the steps to take?

Can You Figure out How to Stop Addiction at Home?

Consider that an uncontrollable craving for a substance is at the heart of a physical or psychological dependence. With the operating word being “uncontrollable,” the odds of your picking yourself up and taking care of your addiction are slim. Next, there are the withdrawal symptoms that may be dangerous to weather on your own, depending on your drug of choice. Trying to detox at home and dealing with the cravings alone sets you up for failure.

Professional Addiction Counseling at a Rehab Facility Shows You How to Stop Addiction

On the other side, there’s the opportunity to overcome addiction at a rehab facility. It starts with detox. This step of the protocol helps your body shed the substance you’ve been abusing. A medically supervised setting is your best choice. Attending physicians use appropriate medications to keep you comfortable and safe.

Next, you visit a facility for overcoming a psychological dependence on the drug.

Total customization to your needs is the road to success. For example, gender-specific addiction counseling and treatment make a huge difference to clients undergoing therapy.

  • Residential program. Within this setting, you become a live-in client of the rehab facility. This step is instrumental when your living situation is less than ideally suited to recovery. Examples may include others with drug abuse problems living with you or the presence of an enabler.
  • Intensive outpatient program. When you don’t need around-the-clock support of therapists, intensive outpatient rehab may be the right answer. This setting works well when you have a supportive home environment. For clients with demanding careers, it can be the best of both worlds.
  • Sober living. For those selecting an inpatient or residential program, the sober living phase is the halfway point. Leaving the supervision of the rehab facility for a structured living setup helps with eventual reintegration into society. It helps you deal with triggers in a safe environment and lets you test your coping skills.

Relapse Prevention Training Demonstrates How to Stop Addiction from Starting Again

Typically, training for relapse prevention starts at the detoxification level. It helps you to identify triggers and develop practical coping strategies that let you say “no” rather than give in. When today is the day that you’ve resolved to get out from under the influence of drugs, dial 866-605-0532. Connect with the compassionate addiction experts at Beaches Recovery to change your future!

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