I Want to Know How to Stay Sober

Many people feel desperate in their drug addiction. They want recovery but can’t figure out how to stay sober. Many of these people even go back and forth into detox and rehab, only to relapse. So how do you achieve lasting recovery and where can that dream become a reality?

Why You Want to Know How to Stay Sober

Young girl wrapped in blanket sad, trying to learn how to stay sober.If you are at a point of frustration, wanting to know how to stay sober, you are in a good place for achieving long-lasting recovery. You’re tired of the disease and its destruction in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be occupying your time asking these questions or even reading addiction blogs, at all.

You are in the right mindset, so now you only need to understand your problem and how to solve it. Your addiction is a disease, after all. It is not a habit, whim or hobby. Today, doctors and addiction specialists know that addiction has changed your brain structure and chemistry, so you cannot recover without the right treatment.

Why Treatment Is So Important for Lasting Recovery

Addiction is chronic and relapsing. This makes the disease similar to heart disease, diabetes, and even asthma. If someone with diabetes eats sugar, or an asthma patient stops using breathing medication, or a heart patient eats high-fat foods, they relapse back into their disease.

You have the disease of addiction. Just like asthma, heart disease or diabetes patient, you cannot expect to heal yourself. Imagine people treating themselves for those diseases, right? Simply thinking you will be sober will not cure your brain of its addicted dysfunction. Instead, you have to understand your brain and how to best work against its urges, cravings, and compulsions.

Finding the Right Treatment for Your Individual Needs

Many people believe that they only need to detox and then show up to rehab, for sobriety to take permanent hold. This is not true. You have to dig into rehab and really get to know your disease and how to prevent relapse.

At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, individualized programs provide you with options for recovery. By choosing the program best suited to your needs, you can cross over from “how to stay sober” to “I’m staying sober.” The key to this transition is in finding the treatment facility offering programs that interest and excite you.

Connecting patients with their unique recovery needs are important at Beaches. This is why Beaches Recovery offers a wide variety of experiential programs you can enjoy while gaining therapy, making these life lessons stick. When what you learn in rehab “sticks,” you stay in healthy recovery.

Some of the experiential programs of Beaches Recovery include:

If you or someone you love are ready to make recovery stick, call Beaches Recovery at 866-605-0532. You can make sobriety yours. You only have to want it and make this call.

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