Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

Woman looking out window wondering is drug addiction a disease“ Is drug addiction a disease ?” is a question that many people ask if they are suffering with addiction. There are a lot of opinions about addiction, and unfortunately this is what keeps the stigma of drug addiction alive. For most people, drinking or using drugs recreationally isn’t a problem. Each person has free will, so it seems as though someone who continues to use drugs even though it’s hurting themselves, friends and family is simply making poor decisions. In modern times, there’s been extensive research about this topic. Now is the time to be educated about what addiction actually is.

The NIDA Answers Is Drug Addiction a Disease

The National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA) is a government organization dedicated to studying addiction and addiction treatment breakthroughs. Their research has proven that addiction is a legitimate disease that centers in the brain. What they’ve found is that addiction is like an allergy to the brain. Those suffering from addiction are a minority, but they react differently to drugs than most people, which causes compulsive behavior, a lack of self-awareness and lack of empathy for others in their lives.

Is Drug Addiction a Disease Causes Problems in Families

Not understanding addiction causes many family issues and quarrels. Whether it’s the parents, spouse or children of the person who is addicted, it can be very hurtful seeing that person continuously choose drugs over family. Not realizing that the person has lost the power of choice can cause family members to cut the addicted person out of their lives. They don’t understand that those with an addiction are sick. On the other end of it, some families don’t agree with treatment because they believe a person can recover with the love and support of the family. However, this often is not the case.

Overcoming Addiction

In order to overcome the disease of addiction, a person needs to go to a quality treatment center. Beaches Recovery is JCAHO accredited, which means that we have the evidence-based therapy programs necessary to help you or your loved one overcome addiction. First, we educate people about the disease of addiction. This learning process helps the addicted individual admit they have a problem and commit to a program of recovery. From here, it’s important to learn strategies for avoiding relapse. Some of our methods include:

If you want to know more about the disease of addiction or are ready to treat your addiction now, we’re waiting to help you. Call 866-605-0532.

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