Is My Daughter a Drug Addict?

There are few things more painful than watching one of your children fall into addiction. Whether young or old, as your children start abusing drugs their lives spin into a chaos that makes you feel helpless. Is this chaos taking over your son or daughter’s life? Do you know if one of your children is a drug addict?

The Reality of Having a Drug Addict in the Family

Is her daughter a drug addictYou feel helpless when you see your loved one abusing drugs. But you are not helpless. You are closer to them than others and know who they really are, underneath the chaos and bad decisions. This gives you power in your relationship, the power to help them get back on the right track.

Your son or daughter may be a student, parent, formerly hard working professional, or other esteemed members of society. This history did not stop them from becoming addicted, any more than status stops anyone from falling victim to the drugs or alcohol they abuse. Drug addiction is a human disease that can happen to any human.

Just like the background, experience and education did not stop your loved one from abusing substances, their history will not make the road to rehab or recovery any easier. They will need your help, support, guidance, love and – above all else – participation in the process of recovery. This participation may mean that you have to address tough issues, even in yourself. But once they achieve recovery, everyone can have the more authentic, sober and hopeful life they deserve.

Signs that Your Son or Daughter May Be a Drug Addict

There are multiple signs you can look for, to know that your son or daughter is abusing drugs. You probably know in your gut what is going on. But to confirm it, look for physical and behavioral signs that include:

  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Grooming and hygiene problems
  • Sleep pattern problems
  • Physical wellness changes
  • Mood changes
  • Depression, anxiety or other mental illness
  • Money, legal and social problems

Your Conversation or Intervention Can Lead to Healthy Recovery

Studies have proven that a drug addict can achieve healthy recovery, even when that person went into rehab reluctantly or because courts forced them to do so. It may be scary for you to ask your son or daughter to go to rehab. It may even drive a wedge between you for the time being. But when they finally do get into recovery, your urging or intervention will be something they remember as caring.

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