Knowing the Substance Abuse Definition Won’t Get You Sober

Man on phone calling for help after realizing he fits the substance abuse definition.Being aware of the substance abuse definition is not enough. Many intelligent people and even medical professionals know what substance abuse is. Unfortunately, this does not make anyone less likely to have an addiction. Anyone can develop an addiction, and it takes professional treatment to become sober.

The Substance Abuse Definition

From a medical perspective, the substance abuse definition involves using harmful or dangerous substances. Psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs can cause changes to the mind, body, and behavior. It is a habit of using substances that cause distress, impairment or an inability to carry out normal activities. Someone may use substances despite legal problems or in dangerous situations.

Despite the long-term harm the substance causes, the individual continues to use it. When someone repeatedly uses drugs or alcohol, they develop a tolerance. This leads them to use more and more to feel normal. If they try to quit, they may experience severe withdrawal symptoms because their body is not used to life without substance abuse.

Realizing That There Is a Problem

While someone may realize they fit the substance abuse definition, they may not get help for it. Many people wrongly believe they can quit their substance addiction at any time. Some patients try to rationalize their addiction by saying that they only drink on weekends or at parties. Often, they break their own rules about when they drink or use drugs.

Many patients rationalize their addiction because they want to show that they are in control. In reality, an addiction is a complex mental disease that requires treatment. Quitting cold turkey is both dangerous and can potentially lead to relapse. To manage an addiction, patients need professional treatment.

How a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Helps

There are many different kinds of rehabs available for substance abuse problems. They offer a range of therapy options to treat all of the problems that cause or stem from the addiction. Often, an addiction changes how someone relates to co-workers, friends and family members. Programs like group and family therapy help patients learn how to rebuild healthy relationships.

Everyone has unique needs, so treatment options are tailored to the individual. At the treatment center, patients may be offered help through programs such as:

Drug rehab helps patients effectively treat and manage their addiction. Someone can quit using but still have thought patterns and behaviors that remain from the addiction. During rehab, patients work to end the thought patterns that fueled their addiction. They learn how to manage cravings, spot triggers and prevent a relapse.

An addiction does not have to control your life. With the right treatment program, you can begin a healthy, sober lifestyle. No one deserves to live with the stress of an addiction. To find out how rehab options can help you start your recovery, call Beaches Recovery today at 866-605-0532.

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