Should I Take Tylenol with Codeine?

Tylenol is a household name. Drug stores and groceries sell it over the counter as a temporary pain relief medication. In this form, people might consider Tylenol to be harmless. As a prescribed medication, Tylenol gets an additional boost from another substance. Doctors prescribe Tylenol with codeine for the treatment of higher levels of pain. As most people already know, narcotic substances like codeine are highly addictive.

A Closer Look at Tylenol with Codeine

Tylenol with codeine is addictive.
Codeine is an opiate. We all know how addictive opiates can be. When prescribed by a doctor and taken as prescribed, this class of narcotics should be safe for the patient. This particular substance has several medicinal uses. The list of medicinal uses includes cough suppression and moderate pain relief. Patients can also use it to treat diarrhea and irritated bowel syndrome.

Unfortunately, opiates are very popular with recreational drug users. At high levels, opiates create a euphoric effect. As the brain and body build up a tolerance to opiates, the user needs higher or more frequent doses to get high. That’s where addiction begins.

Tylenol with Codeine Addiction

Far too many people abuse Tylenol with codeine. Once their addiction takes hold, they become subject to all the bad side effects, including a possible overdose. If they make any attempt to stop using the drug after an addiction sets in, the user faces the prospect of having to deal with dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Doctors and treatment clinicians consider opiate-based drugs to be among the most addictive and dangerous drugs on the planet. The most dangerous withdrawal symptoms include muscle cramps, convulsions, hallucinations, vomiting, body pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Anyone who attempts to suddenly stop taking an opiate without medical advice exposes themselves to other severe complications.

Treatment for Addiction to Tylenol With Codeine

The only viable form of treatment for this kind of addiction comes from a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center like Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida. Our premier facility specializes in the development of custom treatment plans for all our patients.

Beaches Recovery is JCAHO accredited and accepts most major health care insurance plans for payment. Our licensed, professional counselors and clinicians use the following base treatment options in the creation of individualized programs for each patient:

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