Should I Use MDMA to Lose Weight?

MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is more commonly known as Ecstasy. Primarily, Ecstasy is used as a party or recreational drug. Its effects almost instantly cause euphoria and overall heightened senses. Using MDMA to lose weight is another common practice.

She should not be taking MDMA to lose weightIn fact, Ecstasy was originally developed as a weight loss aid. Today, even though it is mainly used as a party drug, it is also used to lose weight as one of the chief side effects is appetite suppression. Lack of appetite leads to neglected eating and near immediate weight loss in users.

But the accompanying side effects of this drug are awful, and it must be noted that it is not recommended that anyone use Ecstasy as a weight loss drug or appetite suppressant. This is a dangerous practice that can lead to addiction and numerous health and personal problems.

Common Signs of MDMA Addiction

Initially, the user will feel a high level of stimulation. If the user is taking MDMA to lose weight, they will lose all notion of hunger and eating. They will instead stay awake for an unexpectedly long time and will be oversensitive to stimulation like lights and music.

This hyperawareness, however, will have a negative impact on the user’s ability to understand their own body’s “alarm system.” For example, if someone was using Ecstasy to lose weight, they may not even notice if they were feeling extremely weak or overheated and could consequently collapse.

Other symptoms include dulled pain, exaggerated pleasure from touch, nausea, sweating, chills, clenched jaw, dilated pupils, and blurred vision.

The Effects of Ecstasy or MDMA Addiction

Regular Ecstasy or MDMA use for weight loss is dangerous. The worst effect is an addiction. Addiction to Ecstasy can set in only a few times after using the drug. MDMA is also prone to tolerance by users, which means that you need to take an exceedingly higher amount of the drug just to attain the same high.

Other effects of Ecstasy addiction can be extremely harmful as well. These include numerous changes to brain chemistry. For example, there is often a reduction in serotonin transporters, which means that the brain has trouble producing and using its own serotonin, a compound that affects happiness, social behavior, and mood. These changes may be permanent.

Get Help If You’re Taking MDMA to Lose Weight

If you or a loved one have been struggling with an Ecstasy addiction or if you have been using MDMA to lose weight, professional treatment may be necessary in order to fully recover. Beaches Recovery can help.

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