Staying Sober at Rehab Houses

rehab housesOn the last day of your inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program, you may feel a mixture of accomplishment and unpreparedness. Completing a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction is a major accomplishment. At the same time, how can you be sure that relapse won’t occur? One of the ways that many clients of drug rehab centers continue to succeed in sobriety even outside of treatment is with the aid of rehab houses.

What are Rehab Houses?

Rehab houses are essentially sober living facilities. These locations are meant to be a halfway point between addiction treatment and living at home. This is why they were once called halfway houses.

Generally speaking, a rehab house is a housing facility that has rooms or apartments usually overseen by a recovery or rehab center. Everyone in the facility will have recently come out of treatment, which enables strong bonds to flourish as clients support each other while maintaining sobriety.

Naturally, rehab houses are 100 percent sober, meaning no alcohol or drugs are allowed. In many ways, this creates an easier transition into “everyday life.” There will certainly be alcohol and drugs available when you move fully back to your home and an independent lifestyle. The initial shock of this availability and the ensuing temptations can cause a relapse for many people. Others struggle with negative influences around them–perhaps old friends who have continued abusing drugs or drinking heavily.

For these reasons, rehab houses can be an excellent transitional option.

Who Can Live in a Rehab House?

Anyone who recently completed a Florida inpatient or intensive outpatient program for substance abuse can take advantage of rehab houses. Often, during the creation of your aftercare program at the end of your treatment, your advisor will recommend a rehab house or a sober living arrangement.

Whether you take this route is your choice, but it has certainly been effective for numerous clients. Many clients sign up to live in a rehab house for several weeks, then play it by ear. Clients may feel they could benefit from the supportive, sober environment for a few additional weeks or months. In this case, they can always sign on for more time before moving back home.

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Have you recently finished a Florida inpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction, and concerned about relapse?
A rehab house may be the perfect answer for you. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, we provide sober living facilities for those who need them. In addition to allowing you to continue on with your regular routine, sober living also allows you to create close friendships and connections with others in your addiction recovery group. This provides an excellent support system that can help shape your entire life post-rehab.

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