The Steps to Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction recovery is for anyone who believes they need it.The path to drug addiction recovery is different for everyone. In many cases, the decision to seek help is preceded by a “bottom”, a feeling of having reached an ultimate low. The next steps include the initial adjustment to life without drugs or alcohol and the eventual establishment of a new normal.

How Drug Addiction Starts

Unlike drug addiction recovery, which involves a conscious decision to seek help, drug addiction itself often starts accidentally. The person may make a lucid decision to use the substance, but it might be initially for a seemingly rational reason. For example, you may be prescribed painkillers after surgery and take more than directed for a sudden bout of stronger pain. A person might start drinking more heavily after a stressful situation in their personal lives.

Drug addiction is not always the cut and dried picture of a junkie that you see on TV. Every person’s experience with addiction is personal and unique. Similarly, the path to recovery also requires a personalized treatment plan.

The Path to Drug Addiction Recovery

For those struggling with drug addiction, hitting rock bottom often precedes the decision to seek help. This might be the end of a relationship, job loss, a financial problem or legal troubles. Deciding to get help can be both powerful and scary. Once you reach out to an addiction rehab center, the steps to recovery become more clear. A period of medical detox helps mitigate withdrawal symptoms and can remove the threat of relapse.

From there, you move into talk therapy and finding new support groups. Talk therapy helps you find your triggers for substance use and pinpoints any underlying issues that may also be motivating you to turn to substance abuse. During this time, you learn new skills to cope and to return to a life of sobriety. You then begin to make new goals and form new habits to replace your previous life of addiction.

Drug Addiction Recovery and Treatment

Drug addiction recovery often starts with a period of detox, depending on the substance abused and the length of time it’s abused. The next step is usually cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, at a quality drug rehab center like Beaches Recovery. Located in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Beaches offers a wide range of personalized programs for addiction recovery.

Find out what makes us different and the answers to common questions about addiction such as:

  • If there’s medication to stop drinking
  • How to make the choice between inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • How your medical insurance can pay for rehab
  • Whether gender-specific treatment is right for you
  • The helpful aspects of additional therapies like hiking, bowling or boating
  • How dual diagnosis treatment can help your recovery

Refuse to let addiction define your life any longer. Find the path to a lasting recovery at Beaches quality drug rehab. Give us a call at 866-605-0532 to discover more about our programs and how we can help.

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