There Are Alternatives to AA

Alcoholics Anonymous works for some people with addiction but some who enter an Alcoholic Anonymous program never complete it. Others will finish a program only to relapse a short time later. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to AA you may find just as effective. Here are a few you might want to consider.

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The following alternatives to AA will provide you the same level of support. Many also follow the same 12 steps of AA. As such, you will feel comfortable using them if you have ever attended an Alcoholic Anonymous program in the past.

Celebrate Recovery offers a Bible-based curriculum similar to a 12-step program. Designed to address a number of addictions, it is also suitable for those suffering from another form of dependency, such as gambling or drugs. Groups meet once per week at more than 29,000 locations nationwide.

Harm Reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support (HAMS). A peer-led recovery group, HAMS provides support through live meetings as well as with online forums and chat rooms. HAMS allows you to set your own goals, whether it be total abstinence or simply controlling your drinking.

Women for Sobriety (WFS) addresses the unique challenges of female alcoholics. Founded by a woman alcohol addict, it focuses on the use of alcohol as an emotional crutch. Through WFS, women learn to change their way of thinking and avoid drinking to feel good about themselves.

A self-management program, SMART Recovery uses the latest science to help you overcome addiction. Through SMART Recovery, people become empowered to make sound choices regarding drug and alcohol use, gambling, and other risky behavior. In addition to local meetings, the program also offers online support.

My Way Out focuses on holistic solutions to assist with cravings. Participants are sometimes prescribed medication or recommended certain vitamins and amino acids to keep cravings at bay. The program takes place in your home, supplemented with web-based mentoring. It may also involve other therapies such as exercise and hypnotism.

Services Beaches Recovery Offers

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There is Hope

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