What is the Purple Drank Effect?

The purple drank effect makes this woman feel fuzzy.We, as a society, can pass laws against every drug or drug concoction on the planet. It doesn’t matter. People will always come up with something new to dazzle the mind and hurt the body. The purple drank effect is a fairly new endeavor in the world of man-made substances. For all its wonderful mind-altering benefits, this concoction comes with a fair amount of distressing side effects.

All About Purple Drank

The name alone should tell us the inventor of this concoction wasn’t in their right mind. What is it? It’s a combination of prescription cough medicine with codeine, sprite and a Jolly Rancher candy, which the inventor threw in for good measure and additional flavor. The concoction gets its name from the color of the cough medicine.

As for its anticipated effects, the substance entices a sense of euphoria. plus other “side effects” such as motor-skill impairment, lethargy, drowsiness, and a dissociative feeling. Bottom line? It supposedly produces a mind-altering experience people refer to as the “purple drank effect.”

Dangers of the Purple Drank Effect

Unfortunately, the purple drank effect has the ability to cause some serious health issues, including addiction and overdose. The amount of cough medicine with codeine people use is far above the recommended dosage. Codeine acts to suppress coughing, and doctors prescribe it for mild pain issues. When taken in high doses, the substance can cause breathing problems. A secondary substance known as promethazine acts as a sedative, which influences the central nervous system. As you can see, all of this adds up to danger.

This concoction is also highly addictive. Codeine is an opiate. The side effects and addictive nature of opiates–heroin, Oxycontin, Percocet–are legendary. A premier Florida-based addiction treatment center like Beaches Recovery sees an uptick in the number of patients addicted to these substances coming through the door.

The Beaches Recovery Process

As a well-respected treatment facility, we take great pride in our mission to treat each person as a unique individual. From detox to therapy and onto our aftercare programs, we design our programs and therapies to meet the specific needs of each patient. We strategically develop each actual treatment plan around the following baseline treatment options:

If you have become a victim of the purple drank effect and want help for your addiction, it’s incumbent on you to make the first move. If you call Beaches Recovery treatment center at 866-605-0532, we’ll be ready to welcome you and offer you the excellent care you deserve. The road to recovery is paved with nothing but positive actions and hard work.

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