Why is Ambien Dangerous?

Hand holding pills–why is Ambien dangerous?

Millions of Americans have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep each night. And because getting a good night’s rest on a regular basis is essential for overall health and wellness, for many, this problem leads to taking sleeping pills. Why is Ambien dangerous?

Sleeping pills can be prescribed by doctors to help individuals fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. But there are numerous dangers associated with taking sleeping pills like Ambien.

How Do Sleeping Pills Become Addictive?

Sleep medications are quite popular in the United States. Most of the time, chronic insomnia leads individuals to seek help from their doctor and this is when sleeping pills are prescribed.

What’s essential to understand about these prescriptions is they are meant to be taken short-term. In fact, patients who are prescribed sleeping pills are supposed to take this drug for only a few weeks at a time.

But because sleeping pills can be so successful at helping individuals sleep when they otherwise struggle, many patients do not follow the guidelines given by their doctors. They end up taking the pills for longer than the two-week maximum. When this happens, an addiction can form.

So, Why is Ambien Dangerous?

If you’ve been asking, “Why is Ambien dangerous?” here’s the answer.

It is not uncommon for tolerance to set in when it comes to this drug. This occurs when an individual needs an exceedingly higher amount of Ambien to achieve the same results they initially got with the substance. Naturally, tolerance leads to dependence, which causes full-blown addiction.  If this doesn’t adequately answer why is Ambien dangerous, perhaps the following information might.

This drug is most dangerous because it can cause numerous psychological side effects. Sometimes, individuals who take it will sleep walk or engage in activities that could be dangerous while they are essentially asleep. Individuals have been found driving and cooking while they are using sleeping pills, unaware of what they were doing.
Furthermore, prescription sleeping pills can cause serious health ramifications. These include confusion, panic attacks, slowed breathing, and heart failure.

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