Will I Need Extended Rehab Care?

Tragically, some people sell their soul to the devil in the form of a drug or alcohol. If that sounds like you, you have cause for great concern. However, there’s always a path to recovery if you are willing to admit you are helpless over your addiction and will subsequently reach out for help. Help is not a fleeting thing. It might require extended rehab care, but there is a way for you to rejoin the land of the living.

Will I Need Extended Rehab Care?Smiling girl on sofa knows that extended rehab care will be worth extended sobriety.

It’s certainly a relevant question. Unfortunately, the answer lies in the opinion of professional counselors and clinicians who have devoted their lives to helping people with addictions. If you are looking for guidance before you decide to get addiction help, you might consider these points.

First, the depth of your addiction will go a long way towards determining what kind of treatment you need. It’s probably hard for you to look objectively at yourself but consider this. The inability to control any aspect of your life could be indicative of how much treatment you really need. The amount of time you spent using or drinking and also the quantities used will be valuable when determining your true condition.

No one wants to spend months in extended rehab care. However, you should not look upon it as punishment. In fact, you should consider it a great opportunity to get right with life in a safe environment. Should primary care be sufficient, all the better for you.

About Extended Rehab Care

Most residential treatment centers accept patients for primary addiction care, which usually amounts to about 30 days. When necessary, a counselor might decide another week or two will bring better results. For patients with significant personal problems or co-occurring disorders on top of addiction, some doctors may prescribe 90 days or more in rehab.

Counselors and patients generally use this time for two purposes. The first is to provide more time for intensive addiction counseling sessions. Therapy sessions help patients better understand the issues that led to their addiction. The other purpose revolves around giving patients time to readjust their lives to living without the need for drugs and/or alcohol.

Treatment Options at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is a premier rehab facility, sitting in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. With an eye on providing each patient with individualized care, our counselors and clinicians use one or more of the following treatment options based on a patient’s unique circumstances.

Don’t concern yourself with what the kind of treatment you need. Instead, you would be better served by finding the courage to ask for help. Our staff members at Beaches Recovery are awaiting your call. By picking up the phone and calling us at 866-605-0532, you will be taking the most important step towards recovery.

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